All the Signs Prince George Is Taking This Future-King Business Seriously

Prince George should have waited decades to take the kingdom, but he’s now ready. And, despite being overshadowed by Princess Charlotte’s Royal Box debut this year, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eldest child looked particularly handsome in the navy suit and striped tie he wore to the Wimbledon men’s singles final on July 16.

That’s a pretty encouraging trend: future monarchs are better off being the unnoticed siblings who don’t get all the attention, for better or worse—though eventually for the better. One day, George can interrogate his father about it. However, natty attire is also quite frequent for George as he and his father embark on what promises to be a golden era for mini-me ensembles as well as a watershed moment in their respective royal educations.

Sporting activities are also a good method to incorporate formal responsibility into a 10-year-old’s routine. Especially when there’s pizza involved. Because, while it feels like only yesterday that George was dressed in shorts and high socks for his birthday photos (relax, it’s only been two years, albeit 5-year-old Prince Louis is now the sole master of that region), he’ll be more visible in public alongside his parents. When his grandfather, King Charles III, was crowned in May, George became the youngest future monarch to be a Page of Honor during a coronation. (The now-reigning monarch was only 4 on his mum Queen Elizabeth II’s big day in 1953).

“Kate and William are becoming more comfortable with that,” royal correspondent Sharon Carpenter told E! News in advance of the wedding, which was watched by an estimated 400 million people. “A significant part of their mission as parents was to ensure that their children had the most normal childhood possible.” “There was a lot of back-and-forth about what role, if any, he should play at the coronation.” While passing that test with flying Union Jack colors did not necessarily herald full speed ahead for George, he is now of the age (in his twenties as of July 22) where his future career will play a larger role in his current day-to-day.

So he’s lucky his mother taught him how to knot his own tie last year. Even though George has already been assigned a corner office at The Firm, no one is eager to hand over the key to the executive restroom. His next challenge will be Year 6 at Lambrook School in Berkshire, where he, Charlotte, and Louis all started in September. To be closer to their children, the Wales family moved to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. (Prior to university, George and Charlotte went to Thomas’s Battersea in South London, making him the first member of the Wales family line to attend a co-ed school.)

“Stability at home is so important to me,” William, who, like his brother Prince Harry, started boarding school at the age of eight, told British GQ in 2017. “I want to raise my children in a happy, stable, and secure world, which is extremely important to both of us as parents.” I want George to grow up outside, not behind castle walls. The media adds to the confusion, but I will fight for their right to a normal life.”

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